Iron Grip Olympic Bars

All Iron Grip Olympic Bars are manufactured in the U.S.A. in our own onsite facility, from heat-treated, turned, ground and polished steel, developed specifically for use in Olympic bars. They feature machined steel sleeves with exceptionally slick, product-specific bearings and bushings. The integrated collars are attached to the bar using our proprietary design, to ensure maximum durability. Iron Grip’s industrial chrome finish is extremely abrasion-resistant, and will not chip, flake, or peel. All bars feature comfortable, medium diamond knurling for a safe and secure grip, and the 7' bar has a center knurl for added safety. Our oversized 54" EZ-Curl bar fits all racks, stands, and curl benches.

Iron Grip Competition Series Olympic Bars

Iron Grip Competition Series Olympic Bars are built precisely to International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) specifications in our own U.S. factory. Available in 20 kg and 15 kg models, Competition Series bars are constructed from premium, product-specific steel to provide the ideal balance of whip and elasticity. For optimal spin, we designed a unique sleeve assembly with a specific arrangement of slick needle bearings and hardwearing roller bearings. This combination provides free and constant sleeve rotation, while ensuring long-lasting, maintenance-free durability. The integrated collars are permanently joined to the sleeves, and an additional snap ring locking system secures the shoulder bearings in position to further reinforce the bars’ strength and improve safety. Iron Grip Competition Series bars are calibrated for accuracy before they leave the factory. Their carefully engineered construction and exceptional performance make them perfectly suited for Olympic-style weightlifting.


Iron Grip offers heavy-duty Lock-Jaw PRO2 Collars. Lock-Jaw Collars are constructed with a solid-core injection molded nylon resin frame for durability. The large locking lever allows for easy fastening and removal with one hand during workouts, and the permanent spring snap-latch securely locks the collar onto the bar. The elastomer pressure pads on the inside of the collar are designed to grip the bar safely and protect your plates and bars from damage. The long-lasting Lock-Jaw PRO2 Collar is the ideal choice for serious lifters and high-impact workouts, including CrossFit and Olympic-style lifting. Lock-Jaw Collars are sold by the pair and carry a one-year warranty.

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