When you see "Made in the USA", you see a guarantee that our products will consistently deliver the quality and performance that have made Iron Grip the preeminent manufacturer of free weight equipment in the world.

  • It means taking direct responsibility for quality control, by overseeing the entire production process from raw material sourcing to finished goods.
  • It means developing a proprietary American urethane that is constantly refined to improve durability and longevity.
  • It means operating our own on-site manufacturing facility, because choosing the right materials means nothing if you don't control how your products are built.


At a time when every other barbell company in the industry is producing most or all of their equipment in China, industry leader Iron Grip Barbell Company continues to expand its manufacturing operation in the US. lron Grip currently operates four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Southern California, totaling over 100,000 square feet. These facilities house a sophisticated array of highly automated equipment to improve product quality, accuracy, and consistency. Iron Grip's proprietary production processes also help to speed products to market and reduce reliance on outside suppliers.

Iron Grip's high-tech manufacturing facilities are unlike any other free weight factories in the world, and are the only ones dedicated exclusively to producing commercial free weight equipment. Overseas manufacturing processes typically depend on manual, labor-intensive techniques and on equipment that often has not changed in decades. This outdated model can result in poor quality, low production and tolerance standards, and inaccurate and inconsistent output.

By expanding our use of automated manufacturing equipment and developing custom-built production lines, we are doing what no other company in this field is doing. We—and our customers—are realizing the improved quality, durability, and dependability that this type of production makes possible.