As an experienced fitness facility operator, you realize the importance of keeping your members engaged and content by providing them with a clean, modern, and constantly evolving environment. Think of all the other businesses that thrive on renewal: hotels, restaurants, retail shops. These businesses realize their customers' experience is fundamentally influenced by an environment that always feels fresh and energetic. Fitness facilities are no different. Begin by asking yourself, what are the areas in my facility that could benefit from an update? What is my budget? What is going to have the biggest impact on the most patrons?

If you're looking for a solution with the most ´´bang for your buck,´´ new free weight equipment is a simple, economical, and substantial way to inject new life into your facility. Consider the following:

  • The cost to replace your free weight equipment can be about the same as replacing a single piece of cardio equipment. Only a single user can enjoy a new bike or treadmill at once, but multiple users can benefit from a brand new set of dumbbells.
  • The cost to replace worn free weights is relatively small when compared to the meaningful visual impact it can have throughout your facility. In most facilities, the free weight area can be seen from many different vantage points, with the potential to elevate the presentation of the entire exercise area
  • Bringing in new free weight equipment is one of the least disruptive upgrades to your members' routine. No ´´under construction´´ areas, no equipment downtime, no inconvenienced or interrupted workouts.
  • Investing in well-made free weight equipment also offers many long-term benefits. Iron Grip offers durable American-made urethane, permanently engraved weight markings, and solid welded dumbbell handles, just to name a few maintenance-saving features that will pay off over time. Instead of wasting time and resources on replacements and repairs, your maintenance staff can now focus on other areas that need attention.

Iron Grip's REFRESH Program walks you through the upgrade process and caters to your individual needs. Even if you're not sure a renovation is right for you, we're available whenever you need your questions answered. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.


  • Expert Consultation. Iron Grip has outfitted more fitness facilities, across all disciplines (member-based, athletic training, medical fitness, military, etc.), than any other free weight provider. Our extensive experience will provide you with the insight to choose the right mix, right quantity, and right features to suit your environment.
  • Evaluation. How are your existing weights holding up? Do you see chipping or rusted chrome, tearing rubber, rattling dumbbell heads, missing end-caps or numbers? Do the weights look clean and inviting, or old and grimy?
  • Space Planning. How are patrons using the existing free weight space? Is there room for expansion? Would the introduction of a dedicated Functional Training Area attract more usage?
  • Member Satisfaction. Is my free weight area meeting the needs of all exercisers? Have there been requests for more variety, different or more sizes of weights, more space?

Step 2. RENEW

  • Out with the old. Do you have a plan to dispose of your old equipment? Iron Grip can provide solutions ranging from our exclusive Buyback Program, to evaluating your old equipment for resale.
  • In with the new.Our expert logistics team will work to coordinate the delivery of your new equipment to coincide as closely as possible with the removal of your old equipment. This coordinated planning helps to minimize expense for you, and minimize disruption for your patrons. And our experienced installation partners will take care of everything from offloading to trash removal.


  • Get them! Show new members you care, and improve sales. Make a great first impression and communicate to prospective members that you are dedicated to maintaining a state-of-the-art facility by showing off your immaculate equipment. The most discerning members will recognize Iron Grip as the premier, most well-known free weight brand.
  • Keep them! Show existing members you care, and improve retention. By upgrading your equipment, you show your members that maintaining a fresh, clean facility is a priority for you. Show your members you value them, by rewarding their loyalty with re-investment back into their member experience.
  • Keep them happy! Show your staff you care, and save money. Quality, American-made equipment that requires minimal to no maintenance and stays looking new longer will help you run a more efficient facility. Furthermore, Iron Grip equipment offers premium features and performance at a competitive price, so you can be confident your investment in new equipment is a good value.

Whatever your remodel goals, Iron Grip is dedicated to putting our years of experience and industry expertise to work for you. Contact us with any questions, big or small, and we'll do our best to make your free weight upgrade as easy, effective and economical as possible.