The Iron Grip Buyback Program makes renovating and upgrading your fitness facility easier and more affordable than ever. Only Iron Grip allows you to return your older Iron Grip urethane dumbbells and fixed barbells for a credit towards the purchase of brand new Iron Grip equipment. The process is quick and easy and the results are immediate. Read on to learn more.

Benefits For You And Your Members

One of the best ways you can show that you care about improving your members’ experience is by upgrading their fitness equipment. Often, the most effective way to do that is by upgrading your free weights. Weight plates, dumbbells, and bars are typically found in the heart of most clubs, and are often a focal point for both existing members and prospective members on club tours. Because of their high visibility and frequent usage, new modern free weights have the potential to make a very positive impression on members. On the other hand, old and worn out free weights can have a noticeably negative impact. Updating your free weights costs relatively little (compared to the price of a few pieces of cardio equipment, for instance), yet it can be one of the most significant renovations that any facility can provide.

How It Works

Contact your Iron Grip Account Executive to get started on a Buyback proposal today. We will assist in qualifying and quantifying your existing Iron Grip equipment in order to maximize your credit. Once your credit has been calculated, we apply it to the purchase of your new Iron Grip equipment. We will even arrange the freight and handling of your used equipment back to Iron Grip at no cost to you. And because we know timing is important, we schedule the installation of your new equipment to coincide with the removal of your old equipment whenever possible, to ensure minimal disruption to your facility.

The Finer Points

  • Buyback credit is applicable to the purchase of new Iron Grip equipment only.
  • Currently only Iron Grip Urethane dumbbells and fixed barbells are eligible for buyback credit. (IGX products and certain Iron Grip products excluded. Contact us for more details.)
  • Buyback credit is based on authorized returned equipment. We will help calculate the proper credit when preparing your proposal. To help speed the process, please provide a detailed list of your proposed return.
  • Shipping and handling on new orders not included. We will provide freight quotes at the time of proposal and assist in finding a competitive freight solution.
  • The Buyback Program is available for commercial customers only and may not be applied to personal or home gym orders.

Questions? Contact Iron Grip today for more information, and take advantage of our Buyback Program while it lasts!