Iron Grip Expands, Updates eWeight Planner™ Program
Orange County, CA — March 11, 2005 — Iron Grip Barbell Company has recently released an updated version of its eWeight Planner program. The latest version, 2.2, includes the addition of FreeMotion equipment, and features new information on equipment from 15 participating fitness equipment manufacturers.

The eWeight Planner now features equipment from Life Fitness, Cybex, FreeMotion, Nautilus, Technogym, Paramount, Strive, Flex, Body Masters, Muscle Dynamics, Magnum, Matrix, Hoist, Power Lift and Atlantis Fitness Equipment.

''Our eWeight Planner continues to be extremely well received,'' notes Donna McCallum, Vice President of Sales. ''With every major equipment manufacturer represented, the planner has become an important tool for many of our customers and dealers in the facility planning process.'' Said McCallum, ''The eWeight Planner provides users with a simple and accurate way to estimate their free weight needs. And with the emailing and printing capabilities, it's even easier to use than the original version.'' The newest version of the planner has been updated with input from the participating manufacturers.

Iron Grip's eWeight Planner calculates the appropriate amount of free weights required by a fitness facility. It also features a complete library of images, for all plate-loaded and free weight pieces offered by the participating vendors. The planner generates suggested weight plate breakdowns, depending on the type and quantity of plate-loaded and free weight equipment that the club already has, or is planning to purchase. In addition, the eWeight Planner suggests dumbbell quantities as well as Olympic bars, and recommends racks when necessary.

Since its release in March of 2003, the eWeight Planner has been distributed to over 3000 customers and dealers in the US and around the world.

Upgrading to the new version is easy, and Iron Grip provides this tool to its customers and dealers at no charge. Version 2.2 of Iron Grip's eWeight Planner is available for download at the company's web site,, or customers can request to have the program mailed to them on CD. Customers can also sign up for a mailing list to receive updates when new versions are available.

Iron Grip, based in Santa Ana, CA, is the largest provider of commercial free weight equipment worldwide and the only manufacturer with a line of exclusively American-made free weight equipment. For more information, contact the company at 800-664-4766.

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Liz Bianchi
Iron Grip Barbell Company

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