Iron Grip Introduces New eWeight PlannerTM Concept at IHRSA 2003

March 7, 2003, Orange County, CA – Iron Grip Barbell Company offered customers a preview of their soon to be launched facility planning software, the Iron Grip eWeight PlannerTM, at the IHRSA trade show in San Francisco last week.

A product of nearly a year of research, testing, and feedback from the field, the eWeight Planner program has been designed to quickly and easily calculate the appropriate amount of free weights required by a fitness facility. The Planner generates suggested weight plate breakdowns, depending on the type and quantity of plate-loaded strength and free weight equipment that the club already has or is planning to purchase. It also suggests dumbbell quantities as well as Olympic bars, and recommends racks when necessary. To build the eWeight Planner, Iron Grip partnered with a number of strength equipment providers including Life Fitness, Nautilus, Cybex, Hoist, Paramount, Strive, Flex, Body Masters and Muscle Dynamics. Future versions of the planner will include additional vendors, many of whom showed interest at the show upon previewing the program.

Customers were invited to test the eWeight Planner, available in its pre-release version, at a computer station in the Iron Grip booth. Sample versions of the software were also available to take home on disk.

Many customers, as well as strength equipment dealers, showed enthusiasm for the idea. "What a timesaver!" commented one tester, Tom Sermak, National Purchasing Director for the Wellbridge Corporation. "Without this program, I could easily see spending hours looking up various manufacturers' product information, measuring weight storage capacity, and laboring over each piece to come up with a plate breakdown that makes sense. But now all the work has been done for me, right down to confirming the recommended quantity with each machine's manufacturer."

Steve Rhodes, VP of Sales & Marketing for Paramount Fitness Corp. added, "The eWeight Planner was a huge hit with our customers. It's a great resource for providing customers with a customized free weight plan that is accurate and fits their needs."

Iron Grip's president and co-founder, Michael Rojas explained the idea behind the eWeight Planner: "As we've grown into a true full service manufacturer, we've found it more important to offer services to our customers that complement our product line, and make their experience with Iron Grip as effortless and productive as possible. The eWeight Planner is just another service we can provide to help customers save time and plan clubs efficiently. This software will also be a valuable time-saving tool for our dealers, allowing them to streamline the free weight planning function, and spend more time with customers on their core equipment lines."

A fully functional version of the Iron Grip eWeight Planner is available for download at the company's web site,, or customers can request to have the program mailed to them on CD. The completed, stand-alone software version will officially launch later this month.

Iron Grip is based in Santa Ana, CA and is the largest provider of commercial free weight equipment worldwide. For more information, contact the company at 800-644-IRON or visit

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