Successful Early Launch of Impex's Iron Grip Sport™ line at the 2002 Super Show

February 1, 2002 – Impex, Inc. debuted their Iron Grip Sport™ fitness equipment line to an enthusiastic crowd of specialty fitness and sporting goods retailers at the 2002 Super Show in Las Vegas last week. The new line of strength equipment is currently being developed and manufactured by Impex, who partnered with Iron Grip Barbell Company through a recent license agreement to use the Iron Grip Sport™ brand name in conjunction with its newly developed line.

Although Impex is planning the official launch of the Iron Grip Sport™ line for the Health and Fitness Business Expo in Denver, CO this coming August, buyers at the Super Show were treated to a special preview of final prototypes for the line. Lively traffic in the Impex booth on the morning of the show's first day was a testament to the brand's potential among retailers. John Chavez, Product Director for Impex, was proud to report that most of their major buyers had already visited the booth on the first day and showed a great deal of interest in the line. By the end of the show, many wanted to be the first in their market to offer the brand, and had placed their opening orders for the line.

Iron Grip Sport™ currently features 15 different items, including benches, plate-loaded and selectorized single-station exercise machines, dumbbell racks and cardio, which should all be available to ship at the beginning of the 2nd Quarter in 2002. Impex plans to expand the initial Iron Grip Sport™ offering by adding 6-10 additional strength products to the line-up within the next six months. This premium home strength equipment line will be sold primarily to specialty fitness retailers and selected sporting goods stores.

Iron Grip Barbell Company entered into their second license agreement with Impex during June of 2001, granting the consumer equipment manufacturer the rights to use the Iron Grip Sport™ brand name in conjunction with its newly developed line of strength equipment. Iron Grip's first license agreement with Impex covers standard and Olympic weight plates that incorporate Iron Grip's patented integrated dual opposing grip design and innovative 12-sided shape. Impex's MAX™ and Marcy Grip® free weight lines are protected under this original agreement.

"Although we've had an extremely positive experience throughout our three year relationship with Impex, our decision to partner with them on Iron Grip Sport™ line was reaffirmed at the show," said Iron Grip's Michael Rojas. "Impex's expertise in manufacturing, coupled with their reputation among their dealers and retailers gives us great confidence in the line."

Impex, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of consumer fitness equipment. In addition to the new Iron Grip Sport™ line, Impex currently manufactures its California Fitness®, Marcy®, MAX™, Competitor®, and Powerhouse® lines of free weight, selectorized equipment and accessories. Their current retail distribution extends to many sporting goods and big box retailers, including Dick's Sporting Goods, Garts Sports, Wal-Mart, Dunham's Sporting Goods, Big 5 Sporting Goods, Copeland's Sports, Galyans Sporting Goods, Costco and others.

With its strong intellectual property base and its many licenses, Iron Grip maintains its commitment to developing innovative products. Iron Grip will continue to cement its identity as the leader in free weight equipment through the development of new products and product lines, and by adding licensees when the opportunity presents itself. This strategy has already resulted in Iron Grip Barbell Company becoming number one overall in both company size and brand recognition in the commercial free weight category.

For more information regarding Impex and its products, please contact John Chavez at 626-961-8686, or visit the Impex web site at For more information about Iron Grip Barbell Company, contact the company at 800-664-IRON or visit the web site at

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