Iron Grip Supports Operation Enduring Freedom

April 23, 2002, Costa Mesa, CA – Since the events of September 11, 2001, Iron Grip Barbell Company has supported Operation Enduring Freedom by supplying over 130 U.S. military bases and naval ships with American-made Iron Grip free weight equipment.

At the request of the US Government, military facilities at Guantanamo Bay, Kabul and Diego Garcia have been outfitted with Iron Grip free weights. In addition, ships such as the USS Tarawa, the USS Camden and the USS Shiloh have chosen Iron Grip's rust-resistant, 12-sided Urethane plates and dumbbells, designed to minimize rolling.

In an effort to ensure that the U.S. military's deadlines are met, Iron Grip, in conjunction with Life Fitness, has increased production to record levels. Iron Grip has also expedited shipping at the request of the military, in one case airlifting over 2 tons of equipment to Guantanamo Bay for the troops stationed there. Strength training is an important element in keeping soldiers ready for duty, and Iron Grip proudly supplies equipment that meets the U.S. military's standards for safety, reliability and durability.

As the largest provider of commercial free weight equipment worldwide, Iron Grip maintains its commitment to developing groundbreaking designs, building reliable equipment, and providing excellent customer care. With over 45 patents issued or pending in the US and internationally, Iron Grip will continue to develop innovative new products to strengthen its intellectual property base, and to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

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