Iron Grip Launches New IGX Hard Chrome Line

October 2000, Costa Mesa, CA – Iron Grip Barbell Company recently introduced its new IGX Hard Chrome Olympic bars, Beauty Bells, and Cable Attachment line at the Club Industry trade show in Chicago. These imported bars, beauty bells, and cable attachments will be aggressively priced, and will round out Iron Grip's newly introduced IGX Strength free-weight line. One of the most distinctive features of this new addition to the IGX line is the unique, hardwearing finish. This matte-satin Hard Chrome plating will never chip, flake, or peel and is virtually indestructible. Iron Grip's introduction of this complete Hard Chrome line marks the first time an entire free-weight accessory line has been available with this unique feature.

IGX Hard Chrome Olympic bars offer many innovative features. All bars feature a heavy-duty 30 mm shaft diameter and machined steel sleeves with extremely slick Nylotron bushings, and they are assembled in the United States. Iron Grip's IGX 7' bar has fine consistent knurling and a center knurl for added safety. The 5' straight bar offers two pairs of knurling bands for optimal grip placement. The 51" EZ Curl bar has all the features of the 5' straight bar, and its oversized shape allows it to fit most racks.

Iron Grip's complete line of Hard Chrome cable attachments includes nine different handle types, including a lat bar, ez-curl bar, straight bar, wide-grip row handle, tricep bar, medium grip row handle, tricep rope, and triangle handle. All of the attachments feature Hard Chrome plating that will never chip, flake or peel, and most models feature durable Urethane bumper ends. IGX Hard Chrome Beauty Bells feature the weight and IGX logo engraved on each head, and offer a chip-proof, satin finish.

Iron Grip introduced the IGX Strength line in early 2000 with a line of imported Iron and Rubber Olympic plates featuring their patented opposing grip design. With the subsequent introduction of Pro-Style dumbbells in rubber and iron, with innovative Urethane endcaps, and the new Olympic bars and cable attachments in the IGX line, Iron Grip now offers a complete range of high quality, feature-rich equipment to satisfy every fitness facility's needs.

With its strong intellectual property base and its many licenses, Iron Grip maintains its commitment to developing innovative new products. Iron Grip will continue to cement its identity as the leader in free weight equipment through branding across additional product lines, and by adding licensees when the opportunity presents itself. This strategy has already resulted in Iron Grip Barbell Company becoming number one overall in both company size and brand recognition in the commercial free weight category.

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