The Iron Grip Barbell Company introduces a revolutionary new product: Iron Grip Olympic Weight Plates. Computer-designed, these weight plates offer two unique patented features: fully-integrated handgrips and a 12-sided design

March 1993, Costa Mesa, CA – The hand grips provide a safe, secure and user-friendly means for picking up, gripping, carrying, loading and unloading the plates, while the 12-sided design keeps a loaded bar from rolling. In addition, for many exercises these weight plates duplicate the function of a dumbbell, providing additional utility for the home user. These unique features combine to form a design that is unprecedented in the fitness industry, and this fully patented design is exclusive to Iron Grip Barbell Company. All Iron Grip weight plates are cast to exacting specifications from the highest quality iron, producing an exceptionally strong and durable product. In addition, all Iron Grip weight plates are cast to within 2% or better of stated weight and are extremely accurate. Iron Grip products are manufactured in the USA to insure exceptional quality and consistency. All Iron Grip weight plates are guaranteed for five years against breakage. Iron Grip also offers heavy duty, American-made Olympic bars and unique Solid Steel, maintenance-free dumbbells. Over the years, the fitness industry has made incredible gains in the quality and functionality of fitness equipment, yet the standard clumsy, solid round plate has remained virtually unchanged. Iron Grip Olympic Weight Plates represent a significant advance in the weight plate category, with major increases in safety, functionality and usability. Clearly, Iron Grip weight plates will make all other weight plates obsolete!

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