Custom decoration is now available on Iron Grip’s heavy-duty commercial line of free weight equipment.

January 1999, Costa Mesa, CA – The customization process involves the permanent application of custom logos and colors to the engraved surface of Iron Grip Urethane Olympic Plates, and Urethane Dumbbells. Customization is available on Iron Grip Urethane Olympic Plates (45, 35, and 25 lb. sizes), and Urethane Dumbbells in all sizes. On all Urethane products, the customization process begins with the customer’s logo being scanned into a computer, where it can be manipulated using a sophisticated CAD program. This computer-generated logo is then sent to a computer-controlled engraver, which engraves the custom logo into the outer surface of the Urethane. The engraved logo is then filled in with a specialized liquid Urethane that bonds permanently into the engraved surface. Customized equipment will create a distinctive visual presentation in premier health clubs, and especially in professional sports teams’ and university teams’ strength training facilities.

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