The Iron Grip Barbell Company introduces the Iron Grip Home Line!

January 1997, Costa Mesa, CA – These unique, standard weight plates offer all of the features found on Iron Grip’s commercial line of Olympic plates, including handgrips and their signature, 12-sided “anti-roll” design. In addition, these standard plates can be used to build dumbbells as well as barbells, adding to their versatility. They also have a feature not found on Iron Grip’s commercial Olympic line: handgrips on the 2.5 and 5 lb. sizes, further enhancing their usability and safety. As an added benefit, for many exercises these weight plates duplicate the function of a dumbbell, providing additional utility for the home user. A full body workout can be performed using just Iron Grip plates, without the need for any dumbbells or bars. The plates can also be easily carried while walking, adding weight and resistance to a walking regimen. The Iron Grip Home Line also includes a complete line of Spinlock dumbbell handles and bars, all featuring our unique 8-sided Spinlock collars, and all manufactured from thicker bar stock to provide a “commercial” feel. Since its introduction, the Iron Grip Home Line has been licensed to Impex, Inc., and is now marketed under the respected “Marcy” name.

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