Iron Grip Barbell Company is Issued a US Patent for a Monitoring System for Dumbbell, Barbell and Plate Racks.

February 2000, Costa Mesa, CA – The patent, #6,014,078 describes free weight racks that give an audible or visual indication when a weight is not racked in its appropriate spot. The company plans to license the technology out to strength equipment manufacturers, as well as build similar racks themselves. Currently, Iron Grip manufactures its line of patented plates, dumbbells, fixed barbells and Olympic bars under the Iron Grip and IGX Strength brands. In addition, Impex Inc., under license from Iron Grip, manufactures its line of standard plates with two grips under the brand “Marcy Grip.” ESPN2’s Bodyshaping also offers a line of standard grip weight sets under license from Iron Grip. York Barbell manufactures dumbbell sets with standard grip plates as well, under license from Iron Grip. Iron Grip has 10 additional patents, as well as domestic and international trademarks in various classifications. Iron Grip also has other patents pending, as well as additional intellectual property under development.

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