The Iron Grip Barbell Company introduces a truly revolutionary new product: Iron Grip Urethane Olympic Weight Plates.

December 1996, Costa Mesa, CA – These unique Urethane plates represent a major improvement over rubber or conventional round Iron plates, and feature integrated handgrips and Iron Grip’s signature, 12-sided “anti-roll” design. Iron Grip Urethane plates feature a steel insert with an integrated steel sleeve in the center. The sleeve is bored, machined and chamfered to improve strength and insure a smooth fit on a bar, and then welded into the center of the insert. This steel insert is then encased, in durable, heavy-duty Urethane, which will not chip, scratch, or otherwise damage painted, chromed or powder-coated equipment. And, unlike rubber plates, these Urethane plates will not leave black scuff marks on your equipment, walls and floors. Iron Grip Urethane plates will never rust, they will never chip or flake, and their Urethane coating has a much higher tear strength than rubber.

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